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Fighting for Flight (The Fighting Series) (Volume 1)

Fighting for Flight  - J.B. Salsbury That's it! I have officially decided to marry a fighter. Get me a hoochie outfit and point me in the direction of the nearest cage match! Characters like Jonah Slade just do it for me. I loved him and I was captured by this story from the get go. Raven was a female character that I sympathized with and I was rooting for her to get her HEA. Their love happened pretty quickly, which sometimes annoys me, but I was cool with it in this case. It was probably because I fell in love with Jonah faster than she did. And if Jonah wasn't sexy enough, we got some side piece action from Blake. Holla! (side piece- secondary characters that almost make you forget about the main guy). Super stoked that book 2 is his story!