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Unbeautifully Loved (Breathe Again) (Volume 1)

Unbeautifully Loved  - Emma Grayson This author has to be influenced by Kristen Ashley. It totally had that type of vibe. I'm all for it, but the heroine was pretty damn dense and that is not a Kristen Ashley influence. Everyone seemed too laid back about all the drama that was going on. They kept getting these "feelings," but no one did anything about it. By the time the ish went down, I was like, "That's what your stupid a** gets!" She walked head first into it and I could barely sympathize. First half of the book was pretty good. The second half was okay. There was such a big build up that I was let down when it all finally unfolded. The epilogue does have me wondering about Kane Archer so I may have to read book 2.