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The Fifth Favor

The Fifth Favor - Shelby Reed 4.5 starsNo epilogue?! Are you f-ing kidding me?! When I love a couple, I always want more. I crave complete closure and when I don't get I feel like I'm missing something. Like I'm on a plane and I haven't quite realized I left Kevin at home. KEVIN! Haha! But, seriously, this story was a-mah-zing! Adrian had me straight up drooling before I was 10% into the book. I have to be frank with you guys! Billie was not that deserving of the sexiness that was Adrian. I was like, "why her?!" That is, of course, because I was absolutely JEALOUS! I'm such a hater! But he did put her through the ringer, so I guess the least he could do was love her. Okay, I take it back. You do deserve him. And also, when someone is done wrong in a book, I like for some type of revenge or "look at me now" moment to happen. There were 2, maybe even 3, opportunities for that and I got nothin'. *sad face* Ahem! In conclusion, this was a good one that had more depth than I realized going in. A romance with some erotica that actually had a plot?! Go figure!... Just kidding!