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Smart, Sexy and Secretive (The Reed Brothers 2)

Smart, Sexy and Secretive  - Tammy Falkner I need more Reed Brothers in my life! They ALL get their own books, right? RIGHT?!! Did anyone else hope the accident was going to fix Logan's hearing? Haha! Loved his butt tattoo! How freakin' romantic! Loved you then. Love you now. That's not what the tattoo said (I'll leave that for you guys to read yourselves). He said that right after she saw it and that made me melt even more. Trip, for lack of a better term, was a trip. Talk about a clueless idiot. The 180 Emily's dad pulled was a bit much. I thought the story was about to take a flying leap over the dramatic cliff, but it didn't. Thank gawd! The wrap up did feel a little rushed, but since we'll get glimpses of these two in the books to come, I can forgive that. Dying to know who's story is up next. I'm hoping for Matt. Edit: Okay, Pete's story is the next installment. I can dig it!