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Saving Grace (The Saving Series)

Saving Grace - J.M. Hill The characters in this story were so great in the simplest way. I wanted to be friends with them. The Anderson brothers are HOT! Can I be the third girl and date Garrett because I'm already madly in love with him? He was by far my favorite part of the book and I was so envious of his love for Grace. The whole Nina storyline was a bit dramatic, but I guess b*tches be crazy in real life so it could totally happen. One of the reviews I read mentioned a sequel so I won't complain about wanting more because it seems like I'm going to get it. Yay! *I bet the next book will be about Garrett falling in love and I'm going to be so jealous. Boo! :) The book is very PG, which isn't a bad thing. It was quite refreshing, actually. But I have to admit I was annoyed that Michael didn't stay with her to help her sleep better. That just seemed stupid.A few minutes later... *Just read a teaser for book 2 and it IS about Garrett falling in love and I am in fact already jealous.