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Motorcycle Man (Dream Man)

Motorcycle Man  - Kristen Ashley The sh*t always hits the fan in the last 100 pages. I was actually fooled into thinking the drama was over...again. I should've known better. Textbook KA! Tack was great! That throat thing was moving. I did not expect that and I didn't expect to melt when I read it. Choke me, Tack! Choke me! I know that seems crazy, but read it and you'll get what I mean. So glad Tyra was a strong female character. She justifiably stood up for herself and I enjoyed every time she did. And I loved that Tack knew when to go soft. The dialogue when they were having their moments was beautiful. KA knows what she's doing when it comes to writing amazing alpha male characters, but we all already know this. She has her signature style that I'm confident I could pick out of a lineup. Though, her characters are similar, it's a different RIDE every time! Mentions of the 'dream men' from the other books always makes me so happy! Such a bonus!