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the proposition

the proposition - Katie Ashley Emma is on the verge of 30 and in desperate need of someone to love. So the obvious choice is a baby, right? Her gay best friend bails on her and the office womanizer overhears & offers her his sperm. There's only one catch...They have to conceive the natural way. Let the drama ensue. Emma, I get you want a baby! You're 30 not 40! Calm the eff down! That's what I wanted to scream during the first few chapters of the book. I mean, I get it. I just can't relate. She wanted someone to love and it seemed like her character was all alone then later on you find out her grandparents are an hour away and she's got like 100 relatives. What was the rush? After Emma chilled out, I enjoyed the story. The drama was good and I'm ready for the sequel. AIDEN, you got some 'splainin to do!!!