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Leo (Sign of Love, #1)

Leo (Sign of Love, #1) - Mia Sheridan I saw this book pop up on my timeline so I downloaded the sample on smashwords. When I finished with the sample, I couldn't buy the book quick enough. I don't know where Mia Sheridan came from (Cincinnati. It was in her bio.), but I am ready for more! I freaking loved this! An intriguing concept that had me playing the guessing game throughout most of the story. I thought I had it figured out, but was I wrong! The moment when the sh*t hit the fan, my iPad almost hit the wall. I was IN SHOCK! I had a few 'deep breath' moments. Evie was such a great character. I wanted to ask her to tell me a story. This is definitely going in the favorites pile! Needs a new cover. I'm sure that'll happen once the book catches fire, but I digress. Read it & enjoy!